Employee Communication Postcards

Postcards are a great communication option when planning a communication campaign.
Whether they are sent for open enrollment, a health fair, or other forms of important company news, postcards are a great way to keep employees informed.
Leave the drafting and design to us. Our team will craft branded and engaging postcards.
Postcards are a great way to grab an employee’s attention and come in a variety of sizes and styles to give your human resources team flexibility in communications.

Benefits of Postcards

Delivered via US Mail

Postcards can be delivered via mail directly to each employee’s home to ensure visibility.

Sizing to Grab Attention

Deliver postcard announcements in larger sizes to grab attention around important information.

Branded for Continuity

Designed with your company colors, logos, and fonts to make each card easily recognizable by recipients.

Increase employee engagement with our custom designed postcards

Custom Design

We will draft and design a targeted postcard delivering high impact messages and announcements.

Die Cutting

Postcards can be designed and die cut into shapes to create unique images (e.g., similar to a ticket inviting the employee to an activity or event).

Formatting Options

Postcards can be formatted for printing, interactive e-mail, and mobile applications.

Employee Communication Postcard Samples

Need a postcard to announce important news?