Desktop Mobile e-Readers

Desktop Mobile e-Readers

Multimedia Communication

Move at the speed of the market with this paperless communication option.
e-Readers offer a digital alternative to traditional print. Deliver important company information with this flexible alternative.
Our custom designed benefit guides, comp statements, and more can be presented in paperless form via our e-Reader solutions.
Keep employees informed and engaged by delivering company news and information using the latest technology.
We will provide you with shareable links so your employees can view company info via their smartphones, tablets, or desktop.

Benefits of Desktop and Mobile-Readers

Easy to Deploy

Provide a link to an online e-reader in an email, include a link in a company newsletter or benefits portal, or include a link in a welcome email when onboarding. We’ll take care of hosting.

Easy to Distribute

Employees are busy. Engaging with them using mobile, iPad, or desktop provides communication that reaches employees via common network or online communication channels.

Easy to Use

Page turning arrows or mouse grab-and-turn animation offer intuitive and easy to use digital documents. Benefit guides, total comp statements, important announcements, and more.

Mobile Communications

Benefits in the palm of your hand.
Clean Design

We’ve utilized design tools to create a clean and organized mobile experience.

Digital Benefits Guide

Provide your employees with all the same content available in the full print benefit guide.

Easy To Use

Touch screen enabled page swiping and links to share benefits with spouses or significant others.

Desktop e-Reader Flipbooks

Sample some of our more popular desktop e-reader designs.

logitech ereader employee benefits guideClick image to view flipbook

Click image to view flipbook

Click image to view flipbook

sonic ereader benefits 2017Click image to view flipbook

Click image to view flipbook

highgate hotels employee benefits guide digitalClick image to view flipbook

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