Animated Videos

Animated Videos

Animated Employee Communications Videos

Capture your employees’ attention with this fun and engaging approach to communications.
Animated videos combine fun visuals and important company information into a single video platform designed to keep employees engaged and informed.
Custom designed for each client to convey information specific to your company.
CPI will work with you to determine a list of relevant topics for animated videos, write a script for each custom animated video, develop unique characters, and design and post your video on a media outlet.

Benefits of Animated Employee Communications Videos

Different and Engaging

Animated communications videos stand out against other forms of human resources communication tools available.

Easy to Deliver

Send animation links via email, social media, intranet, or as part of a larger communication campaign unifying messaging.

Custom or Standard

Create a custom animation around open enrollment, onboarding, and more, or use one of our pre-built animations to communicate general benefits info.

Sample Animated Videos

Communication Partners, Inc. Vimeo Channel

Check out a larger collection of our animated videos at our Vimeo channel.