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We strive to make the best impression in everything we do. Click on the navigation bar below for a brief description of our services and view examples of our work including print, video and online systems. We hope to make a lasting impression on you.

Online Enrollment

Our enrollment technology streamlines the enrollment process for employees and plan administrators alike. You can deploy our systems online to provide maximum flexibility in meeting the enrollment needs of your entire workforce.

To view the demo click on the image or link below.

Enrollment Demo

HR and Benefits Portal

The communication and systems professionals at CPI can create a fun and informative HR portal to help you increase employee understanding of and appreciation for your company’s human resources and benefits programs. Information provided through an HR portal is designed to fit a variety of employer needs and can be custom designed to complement your existing tools and resources. This Web-based tool guides employees through benefit information, links to other resources such as insurance carriers or wellness information, online enrollment, HR forms and policies, and much more. Your employees can obtain answers to their HR and benefit questions with just a click of the mouse, saving you valuable time and resources.

The user name for the HR Portal demo is 123, and the password is 123.

HR and Benefits Portal Demo

Video & Multimedia Demos

Sometimes it takes more than printed words in a brochure to deliver the message. Video and multimedia presentations are an excellent tool to help employees get the big picture.

  • 1. An audio visual presentation can be duplicated and stitched into your printed benefit brochure.
  • 2. Audio visual presentations can be presented via a webinar and eliminate the need for meetings.

Print Communications

Click on the links below to view samples of Print Communications that we have created.


Newsletters describe plan information, changes, and enrollment requirements in a reader-friendly, overview format. Also may be used as an educational tool to align managers with human resources goals.

Enrollment Guides

Enrollment Guides are more detailed than newsletters, guides make it easy for employees to understand their options by featuring summaries, comparison charts, and “real life” examples. Guides come in many shapes and sizes. Formats (stepped brochure, tabloid, etc.) are typically determined by the amount of detail to be included.

Benefit Highlights Brochures

Highlights Brochures are generally 6 to 8 panel documents providing high-level summaries of the benefit programs and how to enroll. Used for both open enrollment and for new hires, the brochure may include a flap for medical inserts or cost inserts that vary by area or classification.

Summary Plan Descriptions

Summary Plan Descriptions are a legal requirement, but they don’t have to look like your tax forms. We’ll give them a special “look” and translate the legal jargon into easy-to-understand terms that your employees will appreciate. We can produce separate plan booklets, or combine all plans into one booklet. SPDs can also be converted to a PDF format with navigation tools for posting on your web site.

Benefit Statements

Benefit Statements show each employee in dollars and cents the value of their benefits program. These statements help employees understand that benefits are a significant – and valuable – portion of the total compensation package.


Posters inform employees of upcoming meetings or events, and are usually used on a short-term basis. They only include high-level information such as who, what, when, where, and why.

Surveys to Help Shape Your Strategy

Does the message you are sending engage your workforce and support your organization’s business goals? Our employee opinion survey will look at each employee and serve as a vehicle to quantify and prioritize employee perceptions, attitudes, and communication patterns.

Click on the link below to see a demo of an online communication satisfaction survey.

Take Me To the Survey Demo